Free Aces and Eights (Multi-Hand)

Multi-hand Aces and Eights

Most poker players dream of hitting four Aces at once. At Slots of Vegas, we invite you to go big with the rare opportunity to hit 208 of them-simultaneously. Welcome to Multi-hand Aces and Eights, an amazing video poker variation that lets you play up to 52 hands at once. Forget about playing on an 11” MacBook Air. You might want to invest in an 80” HDTV for this one to make plenty of room for all those winning hands. You'll also love seeing your huge payouts delivered in high-def, too. Multi-hand Aces & Eights pays out 250x your bet for a Royal Flush and an impressive 80x your bet if you hit four Aces or four Eights-and that's when you bet the minimum. With so much cash waiting to be won, this is one game you'll want to get your hands on.

Special Features

  • Play up to 52 hands at one for mega opportunities to win
  • Win large when you hit four of a kind with Aces or Eights
  • A Royal Flush pays out 4000x your bet when you bet the max

How to Play

To play this casino game, select the denomination of credits you'd like to play with. Remember, the denomination doesn't mean that that's your final bet. The denomination you choose simply becomes the value of each credit. You'll have a chance to bet more credits as you place your bet. Higher denominations will lead to higher bets. After you've decided on a denomination, click the number of hands you'd like to play at once, and then click the Play button. The game will reload with the credit denomination displayed and the number of hands you selected face down on the table. When you're ready, choose to bet on or bet the max. Then, click Deal to see your cards. You can keep as many cards as you like by clicking on them until the word Hold appears. Those cards will be added to each hand on the board. Then, click Draw to replace the non-held cards with new ones. You'll then be paid out based on how many hands you hit and what kind of hand you're holding.

Technical Specs

Playing up to 52 hands at once requires a different kind of concentration. So Multi-hand Aces & Eights lets you customize your table by adjusting the screen size, changing the sound effects volume, and adjusting the gameplay speed. Just look for Player Options, located under the menu tab in the app to make your adjustments. Ready to go big with Multi-hand Aces and Eights? Our free downloadable casino software gets you in the game whenever you're in the mood to play-free. If you'd like to go big with real money, we'll hook you up with a 200% deposit bonus when you enter Coupon Code: POKER200.