Free All American Poker

All American Poker

Americans love to do things bigger than anyone else. Just look at Las Vegas for proof. Massive casinos. Epic shopping. And all-you-can-eat buffets fit for a king. So in All American Poker, everything’s bigger—especially the payouts. It’s just like the Jacks or Better video poker you might be used to, but with way more cash in your pocket for things like straights and flushes. Hit a straight flush and you’ll win up to 1,000 credits. Hit a royal flush and a whopping 4,000 credits are yours. It’s Jacks or Better, but waaaaay better with supersized payouts around every corner.

Special Features

  • Win up to 4,000 credits with a Royal Flush
  • Pump up your winnings even more through the no deposit bonus round—yours to play with every winning hand.
  • Toss away the cards you don’t want—once per hand

How to Play

Playing All American Poker is as easy as singing the Star Spangled Banner (assuming you know the lyrics). Just select the number of credits you’d like to wager for your first hand. Use the Bet One button to add one credit. After you hit 5 credits, hitting Bet One will reset your desired bet back to one. If you’d like to bet all five credits, use the Bet Max button. To deal out your cards, click Deal (note that if you click Bet Max, you won’t have to hit the Deal button). Your cards will be dealt face up, and you’ll have an opportunity to toss away as many cards as you like. To keep a card, click it. To confirm which cards you want to hold onto, click Draw. Your new cards will then be dealt, and you’ll be paid out according to the payout chart. But before your winnings are handed over, you’ll be invited to double your bet. If you decide to proceed, you’ll go head-to-head with the house in a one-card dual where high card wins.

Technical Specs

America is the land of the free, so we’re proud to give you the freedom to choose your playing environment. Just click Player Options to customize your experience. You can adjust gameplay speed, toggle the SFX volume, and even enter full-screen mode. You’ll find Player Options located under the Menu tab. Ready to win green playing the video poker game that bleeds red, white, and blue? Download our online casino app and we’ll give you full access to All American Poker—24/7, 365 days a year. You can play for free whenever you’re in the mood, but if you’d like to play for real, we’ll get you in the game with just a few clicks. Plus, when you enter Coupon Code: POKER200, you’ll get a 200% deposit bonus to play!