Free Bonus Deuces Wild (Multi-hand)

Multi-hand Bonus Deuces Wild

Ready for a wild adventure unlike anything you've ever experienced before? One of the most popular video poker variations gets the Multi-hand treatment. Bonus Deuces Wild takes every 2 in the deck and turns it into a wild card. But instead of four opportunities to hit five of a kind, you've got 208 of them. With Multi-hand Bonus Deuces Wild play up to 52 hands in one shot. And with the opportunity to earn up to $20,000 for a Royal Flush on one hand—multiplied by 52 hands if lightening happens to strike 52 times at once—you could become an instant millionaire. We know. Wild.

Special Features

  • 13 possible winning hands on the pay table
  • Win up to 2000x your bet when you hit four deuces with an Ace
  • Play up to 52 hands at once for even more chances at huge paydays

How to Play

In Multi-hand Bonus Deuces Wild, you can play up to 52 hands at once. The default number of hands, however, is 3. To increase the number of hands you'd like to play at once, use the selector at the top of the game screen. You can also increase the value of each credit. To get the game going, click Play. No matter how many hands you choose to play, only one of the hands will be dealt face up. You'll be asked which cards you'd like to hold and which ones you'd like to drop. Click your cards to hold them, and then click Draw. All of your held cards will be duplicated on every face down hand you've chosen to play. Each hand will then randomly complete, and you'll be paid out according to the pay table.

Technical Specs

The multi-hand edition of Bonus Deuces Wild puts you in control by letting you choose the number of hands you'd like to play and the value of each credit. But there's even more personalization available. Just click Player Options to chance things like game speed, sound effects, and more. You can even enter full-screen mode to help you see all those hands a bit better. Ready to play Multi-hand Bonus Deuces Wild? Our no-charge, zero risk online casino app gets you in the game fast—24/7, 365 days a year. You'll never have to spend real money, but if you do want to win for real, just enter Coupon Code: POKER200 when depositing for a 200% match bonus—on us.