Free Bonus Deuces Wild

Bonus Deuces Wild

Think two is the worst card in poker? Think again. Bonus Deuces Wild turns the tables on every deuce you’re dealt by turning it into an automatic wild card. That means more opportunity for pairs, more chances to score three of a kind, and a very real prospect of hitting it huge by scoring five of a kind. And if you think Royal Flushes are hard to come by, you’ll be surprised by how many you’re sitting with. But you don’t have to hit a huge hand to hit the jackpot. Even a winning pair can lead to thousands in winnings with the double-or-nothing bonus feature. It really is wild!

Special Features

  • 13 winning hands means more opportunity to get paid
  • Enjoy bigger payouts when you hit four deuces or a wild royal
  • Go for double-or-nothing as often as you like

How to Play

For this video poker game, you must select the number of credits you’d like to bet by clicking Bet One. To bet more than one credit, keep clicking Bet One until the number of credits you’d like to wager is selected. If you’d like to bet the max, click Bet Max. To see your cards, click Deal. Once all five cards are displayed, you’ll have the opportunity to toss up to five cards away. To keep a card, click the card until the word Hold appears on the card. When you’re ready, click Draw to replace the non-held cards with new ones. You’ll be paid out according to the pay schedule listed in the game, but before credits are added to your bankroll, you’ll be asked if you’d like to go for double-or-nothing against the dealer in a one-card showdown. You can keep facing off until you decide to stop, or until you lose a showdown.

Technical Specs

Playing any type of poker game takes focus. That’s why Bonus Deuces Wild puts a number of Player Options in your hand. You can lower the SFX volume, change the game speed, and even switch to full-screen playing mode. You’ll find the controls under the Menu section. Ready to try Bonus Deuces Wild for free? Get our downloadable online casino app for full access to unlimited Bonus Deuces Wild free play. If you’d like to up the thrill level, try playing for real money. We’ll hand you a 200% deposit bonus if you decide to play for real money. It’s yours on your first deposit. Use Coupon Code: POKER200 to earn the bonus.