Bubble Bubble

Bubble Bubble

Our most spellbinding game yet is available to play for free at Slots of Vegas! Join Winni the Witch in an enchanting slots adventure as she conjures up spells to make you rich. This amazing 50-payline game features three different bonus games where you can win big on the house’s dime. Plus, with a Win-Win feature, losing nets you as much as 100 free games. Winning by losing? The online slots world is turned on its head thanks to a little magic. Play now on your Mac or PC without risking a cent. All it takes is your free Slots of Vegas account.

Special Features

  • Three separate feature games that pay out big prize multipliers, free bonus games, and more
  • An amazing Win-Win feature that makes sure you walk away from playing a feature game with something big, no matter what
  • An enchanting theme with fun graphics, cool animations, and great music—you’ll keep coming back for more

How to Play

Step away from the cauldron and put down that dusty spell book you found buried under a pile of cobwebs. You don’t need to know witch secrets to cast a spell of your own. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse and you’re on your way to the most enchanting evening of your life. Start by making your bet selections using the little arrows next to the Bet button. The up arrow raises your bet and the down arrow lowers your bet. When you’re happy with everything, simply click the Spin button to lock in your bet. Doing so will deduct the bet amount from your bankroll and place it on the line. When the reels come to a stop, you’ll get paid out for any wins in accordance with the game’s payout schedule. You might even find yourself playing one of three feature games if you’ve managed to hit three scatter symbols.

Technical Specs

Bubble Bubble features a scatter symbol and a substitute symbol. Winni the Witch, the seductive star of the game, acts as the substitute symbol. When she appears, she can sub in for a missing symbol to help you complete a winning combination.

The Cauldron is the scatter symbol. Scatter wins get added to any line wins and are subsequently multiplied by the amount you wagered. Scatters also have magical powers. If you hit three of them in a line from left to right, you’ll trigger one of three feature games. To find out which game, just click one of the Cauldrons on the screen.

There are three feature games, including the Great Ghosts feature, the Wild Witches feature, and Bewitched. Each feature game offers different bonuses, prize multipliers, and free games. In addition to the three feature games, you’ll also find the Win-Win feature. If you don’t win a prize playing the Wild Witches feature game, you’ll win 100x your bet, automatically.

For full payouts of each symbol and feature game, consult the Help screen within the game. You can access that by clicking the Help icon from within the game. Doing so will pause the game and let you explore.