Journey through a wormhole into the ancient ages where foes and enemies await. Cubee is the one-of-a-kind slot game with no reels and 8 floating symbols. Unlock an implosion of free spins, games and multipliers with the all-new Cubee slot game from real Time Gaming at Slots of Vegas Online Casino.

Sign up with a $30+ deposit and receive a 240% NO Max Bonus and 40 Free Spins or a 260% bonus for a $50+ deposit and 50 Free Spins! Simply use the code CUBEETIME.

Free games are triggered in the Pirate Era and saved until round 4 of the game, while bonus multipliers are triggered during the Viking Era. Every bet amount has its progress saved and the top reward is 50,000 x the total bet placed.

How to play

Load up the game and choose “Play” to start. The single payline time vortex throws out 8 levitating symbols, and you can increase or decrease your bet amount at the bottom of the game screen. As soon as you’ve picked your wager amount, hit “Spin” to start the game. It’s only a matter of time before you are clubbing, slashing, and axing your way to some massive wins! You’ll be rewarded with everything from points, to power-ups, multipliers and lethal weapons to destroy the evil Rocco. If clicking “Spin” every time begins to tire you out, simply click “Autoplay” and watch those wins come in!

Strategy and tips

Cubee is a unique and easy slot concept designed to accommodate both penny slot enthusiasts and players who like to spend a bit more with their bets.

This no-reel slot makes it possible to keep the wagers for the game low or high according to your bankroll. The Autoplay feature is convenient and simple to use; just set a bet amount, then click spin to start the game and watch Cubee eat his way through the various levels, where he’ll battle his enemies and acquire tons of bonuses!


Bonus triggers: Cannon, Bow

  • Cannon symbol appears in Pirate Era and fires free games.
  • Bow symbol fires arrows which act as bonus multipliers.

Power Up – Power Ball

Weapons – Club, Spade, Axe: reduces Rocco’s health bar with each weapon appearance.

Cubee Free Games trigger – free games are awarded in the Pirate Era when the cannon appears.

Cubee Bonus features

  • Free games are triggered in the Pirate Era and saved until round 4 of the game.
  • Bonus multipliers are triggered in the Viking Era and saved until round 4 of the game.
  • Every bet amount has its own progress saved.

Top award: 50,000x the bet per line