Free Double Bonus Poker

Double Bonus Poker

Ready for a double dose of video poker excitement? Double Bonus Poker brings you double the thrills of ordinary Bonus Poker by doubling the payouts when you hit specific four of a kind hands. That means up to 400 credits when you hit four twos, threes, or fours, and up to 800 credits when you hit four Aces. That’s twice as much as ordinary bonus poker—and twice the fun, too. But you don’t have to hit quads to feel like a Double Bonus Poker champion. The video poker game crowns you a winner if you hit a pair of Jacks or anything better. Plus, every winning hand comes with the opportunity to double your score through a one-card showdown against the deal in the Double Bonus Poker bonus round. That’s a bonus on top of a bonus. That’s Double Bonus Poker.

Special Features

  • Pays out twice as much four hitting quad Aces as regular Bonus Poker
  • Win as much as 4000 credits with a Royal Flush
  • Every winning hand gives you the option to double your bet through a bonus round

How to Play

In Double Bonus Poker, you can bet as much as five credits per hand. If you’d like to bet everything, click Bet Max. Five credits will be wagered and your cards will automatically be dealt. If you’d like to bet fewer than five credits, keep clicking Bet One until your desired number of credits has been reached. Then, click Deal to see your cards. Every round of Double Bonus Poker offers you the chance to toss away as many cards as you like. You can drop all five, but you can only toss away your cards once per hand. Click the cards you want to keep, and then click Draw to get your new cards. If you have a winning hand that ranks on the Double Bonus Poker payout chart, you’ll be asked if you’d like to try to double your winnings in a heads-up match against the dealer. If you’ve got the high card, you can go for double-or-nothing again until you decide to stop, or until you no longer have the high card.

Technical Specs

With Double Bonus Poker, you’re in control of your playing experience. To access things like screen size, dealer sounds, and playing speed, just click Player Options. You’ll find it located under the Menu button, and you can customize your settings whenever you like. Ready for your double rush of excitement? Download the free Slots of Vegas online casino suite for 24/7 access to the most fun you’ll have online, doubly guaranteed. You can play for free whenever you like, but if you ever want to play for real money, we’ll hook you up with a deposit bonus that’s worth more than double your bankroll. Just use Coupon Code: POKER200 and we’ll inflate your bankroll by 200%.