Free Double Double Bonus Poker (Multi-hand)

Multi-hand Double Double Bonus Poker

At the world's biggest poker tournament in Vegas, it could take forever to see 52 hands play out. We're talking hours. But in Multi-hand Double Double Bonus Poker, it literally takes just seconds. That's because you can place one bet and lay it all down on 52 separate hands. You'll be dealt five cards face up, and whichever cards you decide to keep will be repeated in the remaining hands you've decided to play. That means hitting Jacks or Better off the bat equals an instant win-all 52 times. But that's not the best part. Multi-hand Double Double Bonus Poker includes a special payout of 2000x your bet if you hit four Aces with a 2 through 4 kicker. With so many chances to win big, you're in for a doubly exciting bonus ride.

Special Features

  • Replace up to all five cards with new ones if you're not happy with your hand
  • Win up to 4000x your bet when you bet the max
  • Get paid 2000x your when you hit four Aces with a 2-4 kicker

How to Play

Hitting a bigger double-sized casino no deposit bonus is easy at the poker tables when you can play up to 52 hands at once. Lock in the number of hands you'd like to play and your chosen chip value, and then click Deal to see your five cards. The face up cards will only appear for one hand. The rest of your hands will remain face down. By clicking on a card, you are choosing to keep the card and apply the card to all your other hands. By clicking Draw, all non-held cards will be replaced with new ones. The face down cards for every hand will then be dealt out, and you'll be paid out for winning hands according to the pay table.

Technical Specs

We want you to enjoy Multi-hand Double Double Bonus Poker in a way that works for you. So we've added all sorts of customization options to the mix. Look for the Menu button, and then click Player Options to change the speed of the software, adjust sound effect volume, and even play in full-screen mode. Ready for twice as many double thrills? Download the free Slots of Vegas online casino app. One download gets you ever online casino game we have-that's up to 150 of them. You can play tons of them for free, but if you ever want to win for real, our software gets you in the real-money game just as fast. Plus, when you enter Coupon Code: POKER200 we'll hand you a 200% bonus on your first deposit.