Free Double Double Jackpot Poker (Multi-hand)

Multi-hand Double Double Jackpot Poker

Every now and then at a casino, casino players seated in the poker room turn their attention over to the blaring sirens on the slot machine floor and think to themselves, "Why couldn't I have picked a game with a jackpot?" Well, now you can. Multi-hand Double Double Jackpot Poker combines the thrill and skill of poker with the mindless fun of slot machines. Just hit Jacks or better in your five card hand and you'll get paid out according to the pay table. But there's more. Hit special four of a kind combinations and it's just like hitting the jackpot thanks to special payouts that'll leave you speechless. And best of all, you can play up to 52 hands at once, maximizing your opportunity to hit the jackpot at the poker tables.

Special Features

  • Swap your original cards for new ones if you don't like what you see
  • A Royal Flush pays out as much as 4000x your original bet
  • Play between 3 and 52 hands at once

How to Play

Multi-hand Double Double Jackpot Poker makes hitting the jackpot much easier thanks to the option to play up to 52 hands at once. You can make your selection for number of hands and chip value before you deal out our cards. When you're happy, click Deal to receive your face up cards for one of your hands. By clicking a card, you are choosing to keep the card-not only for your face up hand, but also for all the other face down hands you've chosen to play. Any non-held cards will be replaced when you click Draw, and you'll then be paid out for every single winning hand according to the pay table.

Technical Specs

Controlling the number of hands you'd like to play at once is just the beginning. Multi-hand Double Double Jackpot Poker puts you in total control of your gaming experience by letting you adjust the SFX volume, alter the speed of the game, and even change the size of your playing environment. You'll find all your customization options under Player Options, which is located within the Menu tab.

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