Free Double Double Jackpot Poker

Double Double Jackpot Poker

Can’t decide between a jackpot game and online poker? Try Double Double Jackpot Poker at Slots of Vegas. You’ll feel like you’ve hit the jackpot with every winning poker hand you’re dealt—no matter what’s in the cards. That’s because Double Double Jackpot Poker hands you massive fortunes if you hit the right combination of four of kind hands. The lowest four of a kind hand pays up to 100 credits, and payouts climb to as much as 800 credits for some combinations. But that’s just the start of the winning jackpot feeling. Hit at least a pair of Jacks or anything better and you’ll have the opportunity to double your bet in a single card faceoff against the house. And you can keep playing the jackpot bonus round until you decide to stop, or until the house wins. And if you’re not so lucky in the bonus round, don’t worry. You’ll hit the jackpot again in no time at all.

Special Features

  • Win extra credits when you hit certain four of a kind combinations
  • A Royal Flush pays out as much as 4000 credits
  • Enter a bonus round every time you’ve hit a winning hand with Jacks or better

How to Play

The game starts as soon as you hit Deal. But before you can see your cards, you’ll need to select how much you’d like to wager. Use the Bet One button to add one credit. You can add up to five, and clicking the Bet One button once again will reset your bet to one credit. If you’d like to bet the maximum number of credits allowed, click Bet Max. Five cards will be dealt face up, but that’s not necessarily your final hand. Double Double Jackpot Poker let’s you swap up to all five cards for new ones. To keep a card, click it until Hold is displayed. To replace the unmarked cards, click Draw. The final five cards on the board represent your hand. If you rank on the payout board, you’ll be eligible to win the number of credits noted. However, before you’re awarded the credits, you can choose to play the Bonus Round where you’ll play heads-up against the house for double your winnings.

Technical Specs

In Double Double Jackpot Poker, you’re in complete control of how you play. Just click Player Options to adjust the screen size of the game, the sound effect volume, and even the speed of the game. You’ll find Player Options located under the Menu tab. Excited about hitting the jackpot? Play Double Double Jackpot Poker now for free at Slots of Vegas by downloading our casino app. The game is 100% free to play, but if you’re interested in winning real money, it also gives you access to our real-money casino version. And because we want you to feel like you’ve hit the jackpot from day 1, we’ll hand you a 200% deposit bonus, when you enter Coupon Code: POKER200 on your first deposit.