Free Double Jackpot Poker

Double Jackpot Poker

Every online poker player dreams of hitting it big. And that usually comes when you hit a Royal Flush. Double Jackpot Poker is no different. You’ll get paid out big by hitting poker’s best hand—as much as 4000x your original bet. But you don’t have to hit one of the least dealt hands in poker to feel like you’ve struck it rich. Double Jackpot Poker also hands out a special 800x bonus when you hit four Aces with a King, Queen, or Jack as your fifth card. You’ll also see high payouts for all other four-of-a-kind combos, too. Even a pair of Jacks gets paid out nicely, so you’ll hear the jackpot bells ring more often than not.

Special Features

  • Change up your hand by swapping your original cards for new ones
  • Get paid as much as 4000x your original bet by hitting a Royal Flush
  • Bet as few as one credit or as many as five—it’s your call

How to Play

To start your game, you need to select how much you’d like to bet on the hand. You’ll see two betting buttons—Bet One and Bet Max. Click Bet One to add one credit to your bet. You can bet anywhere between one and five credits. If you reach five credits and click Bet One again, your bet will be reset to one credit. When you’re happy with your bet, click Deal. Note that clicking Bet Max will automatically lock in five credits and start dealing out your cards automatically. With all five cards displayed face up, you’ll be invited to toss away up to all five cards. To keep a card, click it until the word Hold is printed on its face. If you change your mind, just click it again. When you’re ready, click Draw to replace the cards you didn’t hold with new ones. If you hit a pair of Jacks or anything better, you’ll win. But before you’re paid out, you’ll be invited to go for double or nothing in a one-card showdown against the dealer.

Technical Specs

Need to change your playing environment? Just click Player Options. You’ll be able to do things like adjust the screen size, modify the game speed, and even adjust the game’s sound effects. You’ll find the Player Options button located under the menu tab. Want to try and hit the jackpot? Download our free online casino app for 24/7 access to an empty Double Jackpot Poker video poker machine. It’s 100% free to play, but if you’re interested in winning real money, the app gets you access to our real-money games, too. We’ve also added a 200% bonus option to this game. Just enter Coupon Code: POKER200 when depositing and you’ll feel like you’ve hit the jackpot from day 1.