Free Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better

You know that feeling you get when you’re playing online poker and your pair of Jacks are crushed by another player’s trip Kings? You won’t feel anything like it when you play Jacks or Better. The online video poker game pays you automatically if you hit a pair of Jack or anything better. There’s no other player to face off against. No raises to worry about. No bluffing to deal with. Got a good hand that ranks on the Jacks or Better payout chart? You win. It’s that easy. But the winning doesn’t end with your solid hand. With every ranking hand, you’re invited to go against the dealer in a one-card, high-card-wins challenge for the chance to double your bet. And if you win, you can keep playing the bonus round until you decide to end it, or until the house wins. Play now and see why winning really is better with Jacks or Better.

Special Features

  • Got a pair of Jacks or better? You’ll win—automatically
  • Toss away up to five cards and replace them with new ones
  • Play the bonus round whenever you’re holding a winning hand

How to Play

The Jacks or Better video poker game is designed to make playing effortless. To play, select how much you’d like to wager by clicking Bet One or Bet Max. Clicking Bet One will add a single credit to your betting amount. You’ll need to click Deal once you’re happy with your wager. If you’d like to bet the max and receive your cards right away, click Bet Max. You’ll be dealt all five cards, and you’ll be offered the opportunity to throw away as many as all five of them. Just click on the cards you’d like to keep and click Draw to receive your new cards. The final five cards presented will be your hand. If you have Jacks or betting, you’ll be invited to either accept your winnings or try to double your bet in a head-to-head match against the dealer.

Technical Specs

Playing poker always takes more concentration than other free casino games, so we’ve made it easy to optimize your focus. From the Player Options section (accessible from the Menu button), you can enter full-screen mode, toggle the SFX volume, and even change the game speed. Ready to try Jacks or Better? Download our free online casino app and get started for free. You can play whenever you like—at no cost to you. But if you’d like to win for real, we’ve got a 200% deposit bonus with your name on it. Just use Coupon Code: POKER200 and we’ll make sure you’ve got more to play with.