Free Joker Poker (Multi-hand)

Multi-hand Joker Poker

Ready for an unbelievable video poker game that will leave you laughing all the way to the bank? Joker Poker offers one of the highest multi-hand payouts ever, and it's seriously fun casino game to play. Hit a sequential Royal Flush-10, Jack, Queen, King Ace, all suited and in that order-and you'll score 10,000x whatever you've bet. If your jaw hasn't dropped yet, it's about to. In Multi-hand Joker Poker, you can play up to 52 hands at once. That means a Sequential Royal Flush instantly pays out over $2 million if you bet the max and play $1 credits. We're serious-no joking around.

Special Features

  • A Joker in the deck means more chances to hold big hands
  • Play as many as 52 hands-all at once
  • Score up to 10,000x your bet by hitting a sequential Royal Flush

How to Play

To play Multi-hand Joker Poker, you must first decide whether you want to have a little fun by playing 3 hands or go for maximum laughs playing 52 hands. Make your decision, and then click Play to reset the game with your chosen number of hands. Click Deal to receive your face up cards. Note that only one of your hands will be dealt out. By clicking on a card, you are choosing to keep that card for your face up hand and apply it to your remaining hands. To receive new cards for any non-held cards, click Draw. New cards will be dealt out and you'll be paid out according to the pay table.

Technical Specs

If you're playing Multi-hand Joker Poker, you're probably all about having tons of fun. But we get that playing takes serious concentration. So we've built all sorts of Player Options into the game. You can change the size of your playing environment, adjust SFX volume, and even alter the game speed so it feels just right for you. It's all accessible from the Menu tab, so just click it to get started. All set for the wildest multi-hand adventure you've ever experienced? Download our free online casino software and play free Multi-hand Joker Poker whenever you're in the mood-plus nearly 150 other online video poker, table games, and slots. And if you ever want to play for real money, enter Coupon Code: POKER200 on your first deposit. We'll pump up your bankroll with a nice 200% deposit bonus. No joking.