Free Let Em Ride

Let 'em Ride

Love going all in at the poker tables? Then you're going to love Let 'em Ride, an incredibly fun table game based on poker. The game is simple. You get three cards face up. And two more are dealt face down. Your goal is to have a pair of 10s or better. If you do, you win. And the better your hand on the Let 'em Ride hand ranking system, the higher the payout. But here's the kicker. In Let 'em Ride, you've got the chance to triple your bet along the way. Or you can minimize it if you think you're about to lose. Whatever you decide, you're in for one wild ride with every deal—completely free at Slots of Vegas.

Special Features

  • Automatically win with a pair of 10s or better
  • Win when you least expect it with a side progressive jackpot bet
  • Take your time with every "Let 'em Ride" decision—no crowds mean no pressure

How to Play

The first thing you'll need to do is decide how much you want to bet. But remember, in Let 'em Ride, you've got an opportunity to triple your bet, so make sure you have enough in your bankroll to cover you. Click the chip value you'd like to bet, and then hit Deal to lock in your bet. After you've been dealt three cards, you'll be invited to raise. You can either raise or continue without raising. If you've got a pair of 10s or better on the table, raising is a no-brainer because you've automatically won. But if you think the card you need is coming up, you still might want to chance it.

Technical Specs

Let 'em Ride gets even more personal by putting the controls and options you want directly into your hands. Just click Player Options (accessible through the Menu button) to adjust things like game volume, card dealing speed, and more. You can even enter full-screen mode and turn your entire monitor into a Let 'em Ride table. Ready to try Let 'em Ride? Slots of Vegas invites you to play it for free—24/7, 365 days a year. We'll never ask you to deposit, and if you burn through your play money bankroll, we'll fill it up. Once you've mastered the game, join us for some real money action by downloading the Slots of Vegas app. We'll even hook you up with a 200% deposit bonus. Just use Coupon Code: LETEMRIDE200 to score the bonus.