Free Pontoon


Pontoon takes everything you know about Blackjack and turns it upside down. Actually, the only things that are really turned upside down are the dealer's cards. But this is a great thing. Hear us out. In Pontoon, both dealer cards are dealt face down, so you have to make your hit/stand/split/double down decisions blindly. So why would you want to play a variation of Blackjack where you can't see the dealer's cards? Because you've got the power to double down and win more. In Pontoon, you're free to hit—even after you've doubled down. If you've ever hit an Ace on an 11 in Blackjack, you know that being able to hit after a double down is a double dose of amazing—and even more incredible when you play it for free at Slots of Vegas!

Special Features

  • You can double down on anything, and you're free to hit after you've doubled down
  • Dealer hits on a soft 17
  • Hitting 21 with 5 cards pays 2:1

How to Play

To play Pontoon, click on the chip value you'd like to bet. You can bet as little as the table minimum and as much as the table maximum. To add chips, just click on the chips close to the edge of the table. To remove chips from your bet, just click the top of the chip stack. Once you're happy with your wage, click Deal. You'll be dealt two face up cards and the dealer will be dealt two face down. You need to make your decision to hit, stand, split or double down based on absolutely zero knowledge from the dealer. While similar Blackjack rules apply, you must hit on 14 or less, the dealer must hit on a soft 17, and you're free to hit after doubling down. Check the Pontoon rules in the game for other things you should know.

Technical Specs

It's easy to customize Pontoon. Click the Menu button in the game, and then click Player Options. You'll be able to do things like adjust the SFX of the game and modify how fast the cards are being dealt. And you can keep modifying things until you're happy, any time. Even though you can't see the dealer's cards, we know you'll love what you see when you play Pontoon. Play it for free—for as long as you like—at Slots of Vegas. Just download our free online casino app to gain access to the online Pontoon game, plus our entire suite of table games. Once you've mastered free Pontoon at Slots of Vegas, use Coupon Code: PONTOON200 and we'll give you a 200% bonus on your first deposit.