Free Sevens Wild

Sevens Wild

Who doesn't love lucky number 7? If you play Sevens Wild, you'll love it even more. That's because we've taken every 7 in the deck and made it a wild card. The goal of the game is to get the best 5-card poker hand possible. But you don't need to hit a Royal Flush to get paid. Any three of a kind will do. And as you rank higher on the poker hand-ranking schedule, you'll get paid out even more—up to 4000 credits for a Royal Flush. But ranking on the payout schedule is just the start of your winning streak. Every winning hand rockets you into Bonus Round mode where you'll get to face off against the dealer in a high-card-wins challenge. We told you this game was wild.

Special Features

  • All sevens are stamped as wild cards for more opportunities to net a winning hand
  • Got a losing hand? Replace up to all five cards with new ones
  • Holding a winning hand means a chance to play the bonus round

How to Play

Playing Sevens Wild is easy when you know the game controls. To get going, just select the number of credits you'd like to wager using the Bet One button, followed by Deal to receive your cards. If you prefer to bet the max, just click Bet Max to receive your cards automatically. The maximum number of credits will automatically be wagered. With five cards dealt face up, you'll need to decide if you'd like to toss away any of your cards. Just click the cards you want to keep until you see the word Hold printed on the card, and then click Draw to get your new cards. If your final hand ranks on the payout schedule, you'll win. But before you collect your winnings, you'll get to choose whether you'd like to double your winnings by facing off with one card against the dealer—high card wins.

Technical Specs

Sevens Wild puts you in total control with the personal controls you demand to enjoy your experience to the fullest. Just look for Player Options to do things like adjust the size of the playing environment, toggle the volume and control, and adjust the overall game experience. You'll find Player Options under the Menu section, and you can change things up as often as you like. So enough chatting, more action: to play Slots of Vegas Sevens Wild casino game for free, for as long as you want you simply need to click on the game above and get started. If you're the type that likes real action, and real money is your thing, then you'll be happy to know that, with your first deposit you'll get a 200% deposit bonus entering Coupon Code: POKER200