Free Super 21

Super 21

Think Blackjack is already incredible enough? Things are about to get super ridiculous at Slots of Vegas with an amazing Blackjack variation called Super 21. It's like Blackjack, but with a cape. No, seriously. With all the bonus money being handed out, this game is a huge hero for your bankroll. Not only will you win money for hitting a Blackjack or holding a bigger hand than the dealer, but you'll also get paid extra for hitting a diamond blackjack, making a 5-card 21, or scoring 21 out of six cards. Super 21 even pays you out if you hit six cards in your hand—regardless of whether you hit 21 or not. It really is that super, so play a variation of blackjack for free and experience the high-flying action for yourself.

Special Features

  • Hitting a Blackjack pays even money in Super 21
  • You'll get paid out more by hitting a diamond Blackjack, or making 21 out of 5 or 6 cards—no special bonus bet required
  • Surrender at any time

How to Play

Remember, in Super 21, bonus bets are automatic, so you don't have to worry about placing an extra bet on a bonus circle. Instead, one bet does everything. To place your bet, click on your chips. You'll find them near the edge of the table. As you click the, they'll move onto the felt. Be mindful of the table maximum and minimum. When you're happy with your bet, click Deal to receive your cards. You'll get two of them—both face up. The dealer will receive two cards, but only one is visible. You'll now be invited to surrender, double down, hit, or stand. If you've got two identical cards, you're eligible to split them. If your hand beats the dealer (assuming you don't bust), you'll get paid out 1:1. If you hit the right combination of cards, you'll get paid 2:1. Consult the pay table for more info.

Technical Specs

To make your experience more enjoyable, this popular Slots of Vegas game includes a variety of customizable controls. You'll find them by clicking Menu, followed by Player Options. You can control the speed of the cards being dealt, the SFX volume, and even the size of the screen to make your experience as perfect for you as possible. Ready to see how super Super 21 is? Download and play for it for free. You can play for as long as you like, whenever you're in the mood, and we'll never ask you for a penny. If you do want to play for real, though, we'll put you in the game with a super-sized bankroll. Just enter Coupon Code: BJACK200 when you make your first deposit and we'll hand you a 200% bonus.