Treasure Tree

Treasure Tree

Who says money doesn't grow on trees? At Slots of Vegas, you'll find lots of cash up for grabs, and all it takes is the shake of a few branches to make the money fall. Welcome to Treasure Tree, a fun Slots of Vegas game that you can play for free right now.

This is no ordinary game. In fact, it's not a slots game at all. But it's just as much fun. So what is Treasure Tree? Well, imagine you combined a scratch game with a slot machine. That's Treasure Tree in a nutshell. The object of the game is to shake the tree and match three prizes. If you do, you'll win up to 500x your bet per line.

Special Features

  • Shake the tree to win
  • 2000x top award
  • Free games

How to Play

Cash is ripe for the picking so start playing Treasure Tree and see what blooms. It's easy to get started. On the left side of the game, you'll find some up and down arrows. Just use that to modify your bet per game. You can think of a game as a spin. When you're happy with your bet, just shake the tree to reveal the prizes of all the cash bags on the tree.

The tree contains bags of money with various colors. Just match three prizes in the same color area and you'll win that prize. Prizes aren't reflected in cash value. Instead, they're reflected in a multiplication value. You can win anywhere from 0.5x your bet to 500x your total bet. Remember, the more you bet per shake of the tree, the more you can win.

Technical Specs

Treasure Tree comes with a really fun free games round. It's easy to play. In fact, you don't need to activate any special feature to take advantage of it. If you land on 3 cash bags in the same colored prize area with the same free game amount, you'll win that many free games. And here's the best part. All prizes during the free games round are tripled, and they're played at the bet of the game that triggered the free game. So, if you've bet $5 during a normal game and you are awarded 10 free games, you'll play 10 free games at $5 per tree shake. But the prizes on the tree are triple the normal value, which boosts your potential payout to new heights.

In terms of special features, that's all you need to know. If you need to adjust your settings during the game at any time, just click the Menu button for complete customization control.