Free Tri Card Poker

Tri-Card Poker

Knowing when to hold'em and fold'em has never been easier. Tri-Card Poker is the perfect game to introduce yourself to the world of online video poker. The goal of the game is simple—score the better three-card hand against the dealer. But here's where it gets interesting. You don't have to just bet on whether your hand will outrank the dealer. Tri-Card Poker also invites you to place a Pairs+ bet. If you net a pair, you win—regardless of what the dealer has. Two ways to win. One easy game. That's Tri-Card Poker. And you can play it for free at Slots of Vegas!

Special Features

  • Choose whether to play against the dealer or just play solo and win if you hit a pair—or play both
  • Get higher payouts by winning with higher hands
  • If you like your hand, feel free to raise (or fold it if you're not happy)

How to Play

Remember, in Tri-Card Poker, you can bet on hitting a Pair, or you can bet against the dealer. You'll find two circles on the table—one for each bet. First, click on the type of bet you'd like to place. Then, click a chip value to drop it onto the betting circle. If you'd like to bet on the other type of bet, just click that, and then follow the same instructions for transferring chips to the table. To lock in your bet, click Deal. If you're playing the regular Ante game against the dealer, you'll have the option to raise or fold after you've seen your hand but before you've seen the dealer's.

Technical Specs

Tri-Card Poker, like any online poker game, takes concentration. So if you need to adjust the SFX, or if you think the cards are being dealt a little too fast, you can change that. Just click Menu, and then click Player Options. You'll find all sorts of player controls to make your Tri-Card Poker experience a perfect one. Ready to test-drive the hottest, easiest online poker table game—at no charge to you? Hit our free Tri-Card Poker tables now. All you need is a free account. Just download our online casino app and set yours up. You'll get access to our free Tri-Card Poker tables, plus all the other table games and casino slots. If you want to play Tri-Card Poker for real after you've mastered the free version, hitting our real-money site is easy. And when you deposit, we'll hand you a 200% deposit bonus. Just use Coupon Code: 3CARDPOK200.